Hunting the Echoes

Boundaries are fading.

Prosperity is booming.

The world is freely available to those with even a few guilders in their pockets.

Yet in the still-undiscovered wastelands at the edges, a storm is brewing.

A storm for which most are unconsciously taking shelter. But some can’t ignore it. They are researchers and dockworkers, farmers and hunters, even orphans. And if they decide that their world is worth saving, they have to be quick.

Hunting the Echoes (2015) is my third English-language novel, and the first I’m actually quite happy about. I wrote it over the course of two years during my bachelor’s studies. Compared to my previous English novel, Where Frogs Whistle and Tadpoles Sing, it’s way more serious but way less melodramatic, and I’ve managed to deal with my show, don’t tell issue. Looking back, it might still be a little quirky, but quirky fantasy is what I do.

Available under ‘bestellen’ or from Amazon.


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